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The services provided by Peter Stellatos can help to reduce errors, negate risk and save time and money, all of which are critical to a successful business.



Compilation and auditing can help you to better understand the state of your business’ finances and provide you with valuable advice to keep finances healthy.


Back Taxes

Unpaid taxes can result in large interest fees and affect your ability to borrow money. Peter Stellatos is experienced in helping clients minimize damage caused when repaying taxes and alleviate debt as quickly as possible.



Using a CPA to do perform bookkeeping is more time and cost effective than handling it in house, and also reduces the risk of errors.


Consulting Services

Making important financial decisions can be tough, but by consulting an expert CPA such as Peter Stellatos you can make choices which reduce risk and protect your business in the long term.


Corporate Taxes

The complex world or corporate taxes can be difficult to manage, but investing in an experienced CPA to manage it for you will minimize stress, save time and prevent costly errors.


Entity Start-Up

A CPA can help get your company in good standing before it even launches in order to protect your investment and help the business grow.


Income Taxes

Reduce stress and save time by letting an experienced professional handle your income taxes.



Choosing a reliable, professional notary ensures official documents are verified accurately and efficiently.



Managing your payroll can be incredibly time consuming and complex. Using a CPA to handle it for you will save a huge amount of time and money.